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With over 10 years experience in decluttering, organising and transforming clients spaces, there is no space I haven’t seen and conquered.

Hi There! I'm Sarah, a Marie Kondo Trained Organiser and Ikea Tidy Technician

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I have a long passion for creating calm and order in homes around Adelaide and beyond (country trips are my favourite!) and with over 10 years experience I have seen almost everything. I love a good challenge!

When faced with disorder and chaos I’m at my happiest, sorting through clutter to create order and reclaim calm in my clients homes and lives again. 

My aim for every home that I work in is to restore a sense of calm and order before I leave, because I see the pure relief and joy it brings time and time again. 

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Frequently asked questions

It depends on size but on average 2-3 hours.

Absolutely not, leave it to me! Emptying the space enables me to edit everything as I go and get a feel for the space.

Not at all but it is totally up to you. I work more efficiently when I’m left to my own devices. It totally depends on the space we are organising as for some areas that are more specific, ie wardrobe, I may need you to be present.

No just me, in and out, the whole package!

Yes I source it all according to your budget and bring it all with me on the day.

Absolutely! I love donating to various charities around Adelaide.

Great question but this all depends on the size of the space and the amount of stuff in the space! Send me a few photos with your enquiry and I can quickly determine the estimated time and cost right from the beginning.

By the hour @ $80 / hour. Including $50 sourcing fee and if travelling out of Adelaide area a travel fee of $50.

Yes I certainly do. I can do the whole house Marie Kondo style using the ‘tidy festival’ method.

I love getting in the car for a road trip or better yet a plane! Anything is possible.

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